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Business Sites

            - CyberSpace Industries 2000 Inc.                      

            - First Documentary “Daniel’s Journal - History Rewritten

            - The story of Perth Ontario - Past, Present and Future

            - promotional site for Downtown Heritage Perth

My company is also a founding member of a business eco-system goUBL to promote the use of the Universal Business Language (UBL) in North America.

Other Sites

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In

I’ve had a hand in the design and implementation of a number of web sites.  You are welcome to explore these at your leisure to explore the business side of me.


For my first Documentary, I built a companion website to document the building of the Documentary. 

By the way, the Documentary was entitled  “Daniel’s Journal - History Rewritten”.  Subsequent events have caused me to re-title the documentary to set up for a trilogy of documentaries.  This one is now called Daniel’s Journal: Part 1 - History Rewritten.

The Next will be called Daniel’s Journal: Part II - The Great Perth Historical Archaeological Expedition.

The third will be called Daniel’s Journal; Part III - Mysteries Revealed

The trilogy is scheduled for release for the Perth bi-centennial in 2016.

I have created several Facebook groups:

  1. 1.Future Tech - the most exciting things happening in technology today occur at the intersection of major disciplines.

  2. 2.M/X - Vannevar Bush's Memex for the 21st century.

  3. 3.Town of Perth, Ontario - an authentic lifestyle centre since 1816.

  4. 4.Daniel Daverne - companion page to my documentary “Daniel’s Journal - History Rewritten”

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I have a number of publications from international conferences, trade magazines and other sources.   Publication List