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I have been a Jazz fan from way back - probably from the time I first heard the “Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall” mono vinyl recording.  Never seemed to get interested in much other genres.  I have spent the rest of my life looking for music that excited me as much as the first recording.  Tough assignment.

One web site I found that I like very much  -  All About Jazz. I can explore new musicians and music looking for such music.  I thought I would add a couple of features available on that site for anyone else searching for new jazz music.

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The list below provides you with reviews of the latest Jazz albums.


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Art Display on Mars

Welcome to my first art display!  I have a single piece exhibited.  It is a minimalist sculpture reminiscent of the cubist era. 

In order to get some attention for this display I have decided to hold the exhibition on Mars.  The piece is for sale, but shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.

In order to view this piece you will need to pay attention to the photos being transmitted back from Mars. [see the Mars Rover Mission website].  It is clearly visible in the first high resolution colour photo sent back.  I have a couple of low resolution portions of that picture here to orient you.

Note: It is also quite visible in the panoramic colour photos available from the NASA web site.  In the Horizon_hills_color_A11R1.jpg photo, look at Azimuth 180 [towards the South Mesa], a very short distance away from the lander.


If you have access to this high resolution photo [PIA04995] you will need to zoom in on the area where the yellow arrow is pointing.  The piece is the only right angled piece in the photo.

Above we have zoomed in and you can start to see the piece more clearly.  My initials start to appear.  Some people seem to have difficulty seeing the initials.. I don't know why.... it is only a few million km.

Here is the piece.. closeup, with only the levels enhanced.  This is a pretty good shot of the piece even if much of it is now buried in the martian sand.  If you are still having problems seeing my initials [HC] take a look at the next photo.

Pigeon Impossible

Found this on Robert J. Sawyer’s Yahoo Group Site.  Sawyer is author of  Wake.  Great fun.

It is also interesting since a quite interesting story is told only with visuals.  There is no dialog (other than the pigeon cooing),

Holy Toast

Some of you may remember that a piece of toast said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary sold on e-bay for a record $28,000.

Here is a a photo of that toast - and note that most people clearly see that face.


After extensive research I found out that the buyer had actually bought images of two famous people.  Yep - rotate the photo and what do you get??

See the face?  That white haired gentleman with the bushy moustache - yep - non other than Mark Twain himself. 

Well - I guess that just goes to show we see faces in everything.  Read more.


Here I have highlighted the initials with yellow.  Hopefully you can now appreciate the full impact of this minimalist work.  I thank you for your interest in the arts.